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Live the Life You’ve Yet to Dream


Many people would consider a childhood full of abuse and a subsequent struggle with a severe case of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) to be a burden. But John C. Neyland believes he had been truly blessed. With a unique perspective on many issues involved in marriage, parenting, and business, John has turned the struggles he’s faced and the skills he’s learned into a book of unflinching honesty aimed at helping others.

Live the Life You’ve Yet to Dream is both a memoir and a blueprint for the reader who knows there is something more. Dedicated to giving back, John Neyland has written an inspiring story that details how he turned his personal struggles into positives and how he seeks to pay it forward each and every day.

Growing up in Louisiana with a domineering, abusive father and an alcoholic, depressed, and suicidal mother, John witnessed racism, abuse, and apathy about love. Developing severe OCD shortly after he met the love of his life at age 15, John spent years struggling with family life, issues of personal worth, and mental illness. Live the Life You’ve Yet to Dream explains what he learned, how he grew, and how he’s made it his life’s mission to help others achieve their dreams.

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What People Are Saying

{d2b35e210ca987f799e12aaf66ec635fae7ac5b1d42b80af443f9ef6e4ddfb17}22Humility is what separates this story from others who choose instead to wear their tough childhoods like a badge of honor. Neyland is the epitome of taking a seemingly incomparable bad beginning and turning it into something glorious, not only for himself but for thousands of other people. Read this book. Pass it along. Keep it alive. It is what life should be all about.{d2b35e210ca987f799e12aaf66ec635fae7ac5b1d42b80af443f9ef6e4ddfb17}22

— Paul Greenberg

{d2b35e210ca987f799e12aaf66ec635fae7ac5b1d42b80af443f9ef6e4ddfb17}22The lessons in the book are so powerful.{d2b35e210ca987f799e12aaf66ec635fae7ac5b1d42b80af443f9ef6e4ddfb17}22

— Chuck Dixon

{d2b35e210ca987f799e12aaf66ec635fae7ac5b1d42b80af443f9ef6e4ddfb17}22This is a story of survival and triumph. The author is a man of vision and love for others.{d2b35e210ca987f799e12aaf66ec635fae7ac5b1d42b80af443f9ef6e4ddfb17}22

— Kim Neck

{d2b35e210ca987f799e12aaf66ec635fae7ac5b1d42b80af443f9ef6e4ddfb17}22This story inspires me to live a life that is unrestrained by thoughts of ‘can’t, shouldn’t or wouldn’t.'{d2b35e210ca987f799e12aaf66ec635fae7ac5b1d42b80af443f9ef6e4ddfb17}22

— Mandy Guidry

“A powerful story of love, determination, and empathy that will impact anyone who reads it. Perfect for anyone who needs to hear there is another way of responding to life that leads to love, wholeness, and beauty.”

— Anne Cloture

“Everyone can benefit from it. We certainly did. May God continue to bless John Neyland. “

— Donald R. & Loretta Williamson

“I don’t think there’s anyone out there who can’t benefit in some way, shape, or form from reading this book. The raw emotion in this book at some points feels almost tangible. So encouraging and inspiring; every page has something to offer to help people live the life they’ve yet to dream.”

— William Barry

“An inspiring book, John's story delivered an inspiring yet disturbing view of his life. John's courage in overcoming various obstacles that were placed in his path led him to important insights that we can all apply to our lives.”

— Karl F. Albritton

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100{d2b35e210ca987f799e12aaf66ec635fae7ac5b1d42b80af443f9ef6e4ddfb17} of All Book Sale Proceeds Go to John’s Dream Foundation

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